Scrape 'N' Scoop

The Ultimate Litter Box Scooper and Clump Remover


A Must-Have for All Cat Owners…

We love our cats and we know you do too! Just like you, we got tired and frustrated of trying to use a litter scooper to get those hardened, stuck-on clumps loose from the bottom and sides of the litter box. We always ended up with a clogged and messy scoop basket or worse, a broken one!

Those days are over.

Introducing  Scrape ‘N’ Scoop, The Ultimate Litter Box Scooper

Patented Scraping Tool

Allows you to remove the stuck-on clumps from those hard-to-reach corners and bottom of the box while keeping them largely intact for effective scooping.

User-Friendly Handle

The sure grip, durable handle is designed to easily get the scraping tool under the clumps while always keeping your hands above and free from the litter itself.

Specially Designed Scooper

The scooper is wide enough to handle large clumps. It has high, rounded edges at the back and is tilted to help sift and dispose of all cat waste.

Reduces odor

Removing the clumps reduces or eliminates odor, resulting in a more sanitary litter box which is good for pet and owner.

Works with any cat
litter and litter box

Use your favorite litter and any litter box! In over 25 years of experience as cat owners, we have found that all litter boxes – even the self-cleaning or sifting types, still require some sort of scrape and scoop!

It’s affordable and cost effective

Scrape ‘N’ Scoop is an affordable part of your cat-care routine. It saves time and money by reducing the need to dump and clean the litter box as often.

How to Use Scrape ‘N’ Scoop…

  1. First You Scrape

    •Scrape the sides and bottom of the litter box with the scraper end to loosen the clumps. Let the scraper do the work for you – it is  designed with extra strength and durability!
    •Clumps loosen up easily and stay more intact for better scooping.
    •Scrape ‘N’ Scoop has the highest level of polished surface, so it cleans easily.

  2. …then you scoop!

    •After you scrape, then use the basket to simply scoop up the clumps and other waste.
    •The clumps are in larger pieces thanks to the scraper end.
    •The surface finish also allows the litter to fall right through with little to no friction. • Dispose of the waste as you normally do!

Scrape ‘N’ Scoop also has a hole on the back handle to help hang it on a wall or cabinet.

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Only $12.99 (Free Shipping!!!)


Owen, the inspiration for Scrape ‘N’ Scoop:


Owen, “Little O”, was adopted from the Upland Animal Shelter in Upland, CA in May 2000. Like all cat owners, we struggled with regular scoopers… until one day the spark of inspiration hit… and it turned into Scrape ‘N’ Scoop! Owen, who was hugely instrumental in our testing phases, passed away in August 2016. We will always be grateful that he was in our lives. Scrape ‘N’ Scoop is based in Orange County, CA.

Percentage of proceeds from all sales donated to the following organizations:

ASPCA ARME Upland Animal Shelter

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